The hard part about writing this portrait was thinking about how to start it so that the reader can get hooked onto the topic despite probably not having any prior knowledge or experiences with it so they don’t feel bored. Afterwards, the flow of the entire essay was the problem I seemed to have because I wouldn’t know whether or not a part of it should be pushed up closer to the beginning, middle or at the end of the essay to make more sense. This caused me to make two drafts so far and I will probably have to do around one or two more to make it flow better to make the reader understand the topic better,

The workshop was useful in knowing how I should structure the first part of my essay, we didnt get to go through all of my essay and they had less words typed than mine so that made sense. Helping the other two students in my group helped me to know how to better structure my next draft judging from their mistakes that I pointed out.

The revisions that I will be making to my essay revolve more around how I am going to better structure it, such as taking some parts out and switching them out with a better paragraph to make it flow better and allow the reader to get a better grasp for my topic.