Before starting my essay I had a very difficult time choosing which community to talk about since I am part of so many important  ones.  For the longest time i was debating whether to talk about the plus size community because if i do so I’d have to be a bit personal, and i was not sure if i actually wanted to share or talk about some of my experiences over the years within the community. I saw one video on Youtube talking about how black women are not seen a lot in romantic fluffy feel good movies, i thought about how that topic of inclusion and representation is quite similar in a certain way to problems that the plus size community have been facing for years. Now that i had my community and word, it was time for me to actually start the essay, i love to have an outline as to how i am going to write a piece, i listed the topics i wanted to mentioned and i arrange them in a way that the whole essay would flow together. I’ve only wrote one draft because of my earlier arrangement, i knew exactly what to write, the only little things i had to change was the way the sentences were formed, some grammar mistakes and other ideas that i didn’t want to add because i was afraid of oversharing about my own experiences so i decided to kept it a little shorter. I did not receive criticism on my essay in the workshop, the other students that reviewed my piece only left positive feedback and so did I on theirs. I am not sure if the word i had chosen is detectable enough because I tried not to be too direct in defining “diversity” because it is already a pretty common word. The only difference is that I tried to tell my audience what diversity means within my own community. I might change that if I receive feedback about the word not being easily identified by the reader since that was the whole point of the assignment.