The process of this writing portrait was pretty simple, I was able to write about some of my personal things and that’s what made it so fun. When I went back to read my draft that I made I saw that I had many mistakes especially with staying off track with the topic we were talking about, this allowed me to go back and fix many things that I saw I did wrong. At first when I started I was stuck trying to see a word that revolves my discourse community then with a bit help talking to other people I was able to get the bright idea which was the word “competitive”. Overall I felt that I could have done better with staying on track with the word. The workshop was actually pretty good because I got to see so many amazing essays and I was also able to see the many mistakes there was but also the many good things they did and use that myself and see how I was able to improve. I also liked how people were able to comment on mine as well because then I’m able to fix any mistakes I did or maybe just see the nice things people had to say or agree on. The revision I’m thinking about making in my essay is writing about more personal experiences I had with video games. When I first started it I thought I couldn’t really talk about personal things so I shifted away from that but now I definitely feel that I can write more about it, I also want to talk about how to be considered in a gaming community, But overall I feel that I did good this essay.