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My name is Sutzie Alliance, while watching the video I felt like I could relate to the speaker because I always feel frustrated when a person constantly mispronounces my name even after I tell them the correct way to pronounce it. I know my name is not sophisticated yet a lot of people find it difficult to pronounce. My last name is written like a common English word but it is supposed to be said in French so when people say it in English it bothers me. I do understand that some people have accents therefore it’s not their fault that they accidentally pronounce my name wrong which is why I don’t make a big deal about my name anymore. For a while now I let people pronounce it in whatever ways they can unless it’s far far wrong. I understand that for a lot of people that their name is a big part of who they are, where they are from and their culture, while others see it as just another label, personally I believe that it can be both which is why I’m a bit conflicted concerning this topic. I was born and raised in Haiti, I’ve attended school there and people mispronounced my name even though we spoke the same language but strangely I never felt as offended when someone else who’s not from home country says my name wrong. Once I turned 14, my mother and I moved to the United States, being able to attend school in different countries has given me the opportunity to see how different yet similar the school system can be despite the location. In both educational systems, different students are taught in similar ways. This change in my life has impacted the way I view education and it has certainly led me to become the person I am today.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    It’s so hard to get people to both pronounce your name correctly and accept that it’s really a great name that belongs to a real person. I’m sure I’ve mispronounced your name, but thinking about it as French actually does help — correct me in class! And what’s most interesting is your comment about how you’re less offended by people who are not from Haiti mispronouncing your name — it shows a lot of tolerance. But still… Thanks for sharing this.

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