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My name is Mariam and I am from the country of Georgia. Georgian names are influenced by the long history of the country. Also, most names are named after saints. High percentage of Georgian population practices Orthodox Christianity.

Mariam is very popular name in Georgia and easy to pronounce. However, I hear different versions from people calling me because of the other countries use the same name, but without pronunciation. I love my name and I always try to correct if someone mispronounce it.

I know people come change their names, because someone can not pronounce. I people don’t have to change their names for someone else to pronounce it well. Let them take a little effort and learn how to pronounce it better. Everyone’s name matters and have a meaning. The names we have are given from the people who love us most. Name can’t be ugly and we should never be worried how others will be able to say it. We should learn each others culture, believes, history. Our names are exactly based on that and I think it’s very interesting and beautiful.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I absolutely agree about names. Mariam and its variants is a very old, very important name in Christianity with its Arabic/Hebrew roots meaning “beloved.” And we should indeed all learn about each other’s names and the cultures they come from. It’s a way of honoring people’s diversity, I think. Thanks for this!

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