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Israt jahan

Israt Jahan

My name is Israt Jahan and I’ve always liked my name and my ethnicity. My name means pure and gentle in Islam, which is my religion. Islam in my opinion is a beautiful religion and it represents my family and culture. It’s something that I’ll always have and will always be a part of me and my family. I believe that a name identifies who you are but it doesn’t identify who you want and believe to be. If people assume things based on your name in a negative way or in a way you don’t agree with or are not true then that’s offensive. School has made me a writer and a thinker because it puts me in situations that need me to think out of the box and write about my thoughts and understanding. My family’s influence on my literacy is that they do things and help me experience things that I can write about and relate to. My family also shapes the way I look at the world, in negative ways and positive ways. My family makes me look at life as if success is the only option and I do believe that at some points but I disagree at some points as well. But a name is something that should be special to people and not something used to judge or be ashamed of. It’s something that needs to be embraced.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I agree with you! People should not be made fun of! You should look at Halimatou and Aissata’s posts because they share the same feeling about it. And your name is both lovely and has a wonderful meaning. I really like when people explain their name’s meaning.

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