Jacquelyn Blain | T-Th 11:30-12:45 | SP20221

Introduction – Jun Cheng Ye

Hello my name is Jun Cheng Ye or can call me Jun everyone call me first name for some reason. This is my first year college trying to major to Computer Science. My hobbies love playing video game it give happiness time. I’m shy person when I met new people. hopefully enjoyed the English class this spring semester

I pick this picture because I love eating BBQ




  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Ah, Americans… We always think the first name we see is the person’s real first name. Most of us aren’t very well-educated in the traditions of other cultures. Sorry about that.

    That’s some lovely bbq. I grew up in Texas, and it was almost a religion ;-).

    I’m sure there are some other gamers in the class. Lorenzo, for one. I wonder if y’all like the same types of games?

  2. Nastassia Molicheva

    Hi Jun Cheng Ye!
    What video games do you play? Do you play on PC or console?
    I’ve recently gotten myself a Switch and I’m in love with Animal Crossing.

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