1)I feel as if i know the music genre very well, but rap/hiphop music specifically. I grew up listening to whatever my brother listened to which so happened to be rap music and I, over time, began to branch myself out into the type of rap music that I like. A rhetorical feature is story telling through the use of rhyming words and hard punchlines that grab the listeners attention.

3) Being limited helps make writing easier for me, if i know what i have to do exactly then there would be very little room for errors in my opinion. it definitely helps to have some type of form to follow because freelancing writing can be fun but if it doesn’t follow the theme that it was meant for then it is just a wasted effort.


The genre that I feel like I know well is media, I learn this type of genre from the newspapers. Majority of people would like to read newspapers for daily life, because they state facts in there which persuade reader to trust them. Also, newspapers attract readers’ attention which there is no bias, and publish news what are people concern  about. Its common rhetorical features are persuasive and state facts.

I like freedom when I write something, because freedom could make me not feel pressure, and then I could write anything which I want to express on paper. I think have a form to follow would be a good idea, because for students often forget or confused about how to write, then when there is a form allow them to follow, they wouldn’t lose the way.


#1- Some Genres that I feel like I know well are persuasive genres along with research papers. I learned how to do research papers throughout high school and the more I did them the more I enjoyed them. It was also the same situation when it came to writing persuasive essays, I wrote so many of them that I just enjoyed them as time moved on. Some common rhetorical features between these two is that being persuasive is a very important thing that has to be done well because you want the writer to believe you’re argument. The goal is for the reader to agree with your argument or research, so I believe being persuasive is the most important rhetorical feature when it comes to research and persuasive genres.


#3- I like having as much freedom as possible in my writing. The reason why I like that freedom is because it allows me to open up about certain things and it also allows me to feel relaxed and free when writing. I feel like it is a good idea to have a form to follow because it can be very helpful if you end up getting lost. I don’t feel like it limits you because it should just be there for guidance in case you happen to get lost in you writing.   

Your prompt

At the end of Kerry Dirk’s piece on genre, there are three Discussion Questions. Respond to #1 and #3:

#1. What are some genres that you feel you know well? How did you learn them? What are their common rhetorical features?

#3. How much freedom do you enjoy when writing? Does it help to have a form to follow, or do you find it to be limiting?

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