Writers Statement


The idea of discourse communities makes the most sense when comparing it to genres and rhetoric to me. Discourse communities has played a large role in my youth from when I moved to Egypt in 2006 to coming back to New York In 2012. The fact that a person can distinguish one group of people from another depending on where they are shows that a persons mind is shaped according to their environment. Those who have traveled anywhere In the world can definitely agree that discourse communities are all over and it depends on common interest and differences to shape a specific discourse community. I’ve come to the realization that genres really depends on a persons mindset. I might view something as dull while the next man views it as all the light in the world. Rhetoric is definitely a topic that is very complex when it comes up in discussion due to it being about how someone views a specific thing that has meaning behind it. Discourse community is a very useful term in the sense where it is a concept that is used to specify a group of individuals with specific interests that distinguish them from others. A discourse community is not something that is thought of on site, rather it is something that you realize once you are no longer in contact with that specific group.