Your prompt

Read the essay by Giles on Reflection and Revision.

Then address this prompt: Based on what you’ve read and what we’ve discussed in class, brainstorm some ideas about what you want to do to revise the draft you’ve done. What do you think you can/should do next?

Remember: revising doesn’t mean line editing (although you’ll want to do that, too); revising means re-thinking, re-seeing, expanding ideas, re-organizing, throwing out, adding…

Also remember that you’ll be getting notes from me and from your writing partners next week so you can write Revised Draft. After that, you’ll get more notes from me that you can address when you do your Final Revision for the Final Portfolio.

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Your prompt

  • Write a letter about your own literacy sponsors, but write it to a friend rather than to an instructor. You can build on what you wrote in class last week to give you a place to start.
  • Begin your post/letter with “Dear …..” Make it personal.
  • Make it as long as you want. If you want to do it in Word and then copy it into a blog post, fine. If you want to do it in Word, and upload it (as an attachment), start a new post, then use the Add Media icon, Add Media, Upload file, Insert. Then publish.

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Your prompt

Before you read Mike Rose’s piece:

  • Jot down the rules about writing that you think about whenever you write something.
  • AND… note the things that make it hard for you to write in general.

Now read Mike Rose’s piece and finish these prompts (in about 150-250 words):

  • I hate it when the instructor assigns an essay because of these “rules” that are in my head about writing (jot down the “rules”).
  • What kind of rules does Rose say seem to keep people from writing, and what kinds of rules seem to enable people to write?
  • Which one of the writers that Rose talks about do you think is most like you, if there is one?

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Your Prompt

For this first post of the term, do these things:

  1. Create a new post by clicking on the little circle with a + sign in it.
  2. You’ll be on the Dashboard.
  3. Give your post a title.
  4. Address these three things:
    • My goals for college are…
    • My goals for after collage are…
    • This is how I see writing fitting into both.
  5. Somewhere in the post, add an image that you think represents you (or that you like) by using the Add Media button (Go to Upload Images, find or drag and drop your image and hit Enter, give it a title, set the size [it’s on the bottom right], and click on Insert.
  6. Somewhere in the post, explain why you chose the image.
  7. When you’re done, click on Publish. You’ll see a box that tells you to choose a Category. They’re on the right side of the page. This post is U1 Blog Post 1.  
  8. Then hit Publish again. Ta-da!