1)The genre I know well is Fairy tales. From my childhood till now I  have been always loved fairytales , love reading it and listening to it and even watching movies that based on fairy tales. However, anything that is related to fairy tales always makes me happy. It could be a fairytale costumes like Rapunzel, Cinderella,snow white or  beauty and the beast. When I was a kid I always wanted to be like the belle from beauty and the beast. I always wanted to be brave,beautiful and confident like her. Last year during my visit to Disney World, that fairy tale themed restaurant, shops bring the kid out of me. I think this is the one thing that will excite me for my whole life.

3)I like freedom when I write something because freedom gives me the opportunity to write whatever I feel or I’m thinking in my head directly express on paper. But sometimes some limitations for writing give students some point to write and not go out of rhythm and write something meaningful.

Discourse communities

When I came to USA, I only knew about American dream. For me American dream means easy access to all the fundamental rights. However after coming to this country i realized that language barrier is the most difficult thing in person’s life. As my native language is not English,I had difficulty to communicate with people and even express myself properly. Sometimes I want to express something but people misunderstood me. Sadly I felt so less confident that I’m unable to express myself properly. It’s not easy to blend yourself with new culture,new community and new country. Learning a language could be a possible thing But learning a culture,history is not going to happen in a glance but i will try my best to adopt it . In my first school in the USA,I met a lot of students of different languages and cultures. I adopted some of their cultures and they adopted some of mine. That’s how I made lot of friends with different cultures from different countries.


When it comes to research the first thing come across my mind are Google and Wikipedia. Google makes us a little researcher . Google is a search engine with lots of knowledge. I can find answer for almost everything in Google. It is my most favorite search engine. It’s like my day start with little bit research on Google either the research about makeup or shopping or political or geographical. It become part of our life.In the early morning when I wake up if I need to know about what’s going on in the current world i just go to Google and type my topic and it has all the answers of my curious mind. I mostly used Wikipedia for  biography of people.

Every good thing has some adversity as well. Google made our life easier but along with it, makes us lazy to find something from books. Sometimes people just do copy paste from Google rather using their own knowledge. Finally I believe research is all about mixture of  online knowledge and self study.

Portrait of a writer

Nazwa H Munia
Prof Jackie Dona Blain
ENG 1101
25 Feb 2019
Portrait of a Writer

Writing in English has always been tough for me as I’m a bad writer. Most of the time I run out of words to express my words into paper. I feel like I’m completely blank I don’t know what to write or how to express myself.
I think this is the reason I’m taking this class and this class is making my job much easier as our professor always pushing us to talk and express ourselves and giving us hints that how easily we can do it if we really want to.

I am a writer who is not good at grammar. I am bad with punctuations, tenses and many more. But, people on this school have been so helpful enough to increase my knowledge about English by pointing out my mistakes. I will be always grateful to them. I find out writing gets better with reading. If you want to write you should read and I think reading is not just for enjoyment. Read to make yourself smarter and get some words to use in your writing or get some ideas to enhance your knowledge.

I didn’t know I can write before I started writing. My literacy sponsors are my mom, sister and my husband. They influence me to write and read and helped me to discover myself. They inspired me to go ahead and try everything nevertheless I’m good at it or not! When I started writing I just find out I’m not that bad writer that people will not understand me. At least my writing is a way to communicate with people . I believe the more simpler way I can write the more easy for me to make it understandable. During writing the thing annoys me a lot are rules and regulations. I feel rules are made to make writing skill limited and complicated.

Freedom of writing is the easiest way to write something immature which could be annoying for some people but I believe this is the fuel of great writing. Because the more garbage you write the more you try to correct yourself hence that’s the way you will practice more and write more. The more you practice to write the more you need to read and learn about topics to write. Someday you will end up with writing something meaningful and useful. During my classes by discussing with my classmates I got lot of ideas and shares a lot of ideas to make a story which seems so easy just because we share our knowledge.

Finally, In spite of all this I believe I should try harder to make my writing skill oriented and more organized so the reader doesn’t get bored of it. According to Marcus Tullius Cicero “while there’s life,there’s hope “. So for me I hope by a good practice and working hard my writing would make me a better writer one day. And I believe if you want something from your heart you will get it, maybe I will fail lot of times but I will eventually reach my goal.

TSG and Grammar

TSG (Traditional school grammar) is a set of assumptions  or educated form of usage of grammar. It is  modified version of usage of grammar.In linguistics, grammar is the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words in any given natural language. Grammar is the set of rules for language. The rules to organize the language and make the language more meaningful and accessible to the people. It is a structure to express the language in a proper way .

Bad ideas

Bad ideas are having whole bunch of ideas but only using the good ones and leaving some unnecessary one behind and those left behind ideas are bad ideas.

In the article author wanted to explain that it’s not necessary to write something in a complicated way that reader can’t understand. In spite of that write something that reader can understand properly and connect with the writer.

The better idea of writing is to write in a simple language that all reader can understand and can find interest to read more. Holding readers attention in an article is the main motto of writers.

My literacy sponsor

Dear Zubair

My literacy sponsors are my mother from my early life,my sister and my husband after I’m married to him.My mother is an intelligent and very disciplined person.she used to set rules for us and always gave me freedom to do whatever I want but my education has to be in right direction. I learned a lot of things from my mother and still before taking any decision I feel her and think what she would do or she would tell me to do. My mom believes in my failure and taught me to correct myself after each failure. My sister was a big encouragement behind my every decision or success. Her encouragement always stays with me like a shadow. They made me who I’m today. After getting married to my husband he always helped me to gain knowledge about life and surrounding situations. He never left me alone and he is a confidence booster. He always keep saying me you can do anything if you try your best. There is a proverb saying education is the backbone of the nation and for me these people are the backbone of my education and my development.


Mike Ross’s piece

The rules about writing is write something in a way that can reach it’s goal. I think every writing has some meaning and it should be fulfilled. For example if someone writes a letter they want to express their feelings or emotions in it, some people write in journal and it also has some other motto. If reader can’t understand what you are writing so it already lost it’s meaning. There is some common rules of writing and it’s usually consists of one introduction, three body paragraph and one conclusion. And sometimes these general rules of writing makes it more difficult for writer to perform it well and can be a barrier for being creative .

The rules that Ross mention to focus on the introduction to get reader’s attention and then organize your writing strategically. A good introduction surely attracts an reader attention but sometimes introduction become too long  that it makes reader bored. If i can go beyond some general rules then I think it would be easy for me to express my own ideas and thoughts on paper.