Mike Rose’s Piece

Some general rules that I keep in mind when it comes to writing is that I have to keep things flowing and in order so that my ideas are not all over the place. Another thing I tend to keep in mind is that I should write a minimum of 5 paragraphs (intro, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusive paragraph). Knowing how much I need to write exactly is something else I strive for because I really do not want to over write and would like to try my hardest to not write an essay that isn’t sufficient with the right amount of words. Following a prompt that I do not fully understand is a big problem because even if I don’t understand it I will start writing it as if I knew what I was talking about. Something else would be like how Laurel’s problem was in Rose’s article, I was taught and it was ingrained in me that I need to have three different points that will support my thesis and any less would make it not a strong essay.

Things that make it hard for me to write in general would be that my focus is strong whenever it really feels like being strong. Since my attention span is so short I focus on too many things, sometimes at once, and lose track of the main topic at hand. Lack of vocabulary and synonyms for words that are overly used are some more things that make it difficult to write. Worrying about using the correct punctuation when writing is also very annoying to me and prefer to only uses commas and periods.


The rules Rose speaks of are focusing on a good introduction to capture the reader and “planning strategies”. Both of these things will impede you as opposed too enhancing the writing process. I think that I am more like the student that has a strategy when he starts writing. Having one I feel like helps make the writing process flow faster for writing that is fact-based and not opinion based. If It is opinion based writing then planning ahead wouldn’t help me at all, it would be much easier to start going at it head first.


My goals for college is to get through it with no complications and any unnecessary things happening. By this I mean things like failing a class or not receiving credits for a class or taking a class that I do not need. I ultimately just want to get out of school so that I won’t be in it anymore because if I’m being honest, I am tired of school completely at this point for various reasons that are not important right now.
This is probably the main reason as to why I want to get out of school so badly. I just like playing games with my friends a lot and enjoying games that are visually and gameplay wise pleasing.

My goals for after college are unclear. I am well aware that doesn’t sound too promising for someone who is already attending college but I like to just go with the flow and weigh out my options when they come to me.

Writing fits into both of these because I know I will have to be a well enough writer to get through college as quickly as I want to. Writing also fits into what happens after college because I can organize the pros and cons of potential future plans to find out what would be the best option for me outside of college.