Research Activity

  1. First of all, I started looking for “How to fight the Flu Virus” which is a interesting topic, I started typing that on google and this website catch my attention, this is the way I always do research the first link is the first I click.
  3. It made me hit that specific link because is telling me 10 ways of how to fight the flu virus (Got the Flu? Try These 10 Tips to Ease Symptoms – WebMD).
  4. I was actually reading the 10 tips so I stayed for 10 mins min, but normally if the page says any interesting information about what I am looking for I stayed longer if not probably 1 min max.
  5. Because it makes sense, I’m not a specialist on this but I think the information in the page was really useful and is recommendable.


How do you start doing research?

  • Research has 2 steps: (1) ask question (2) find the answer. If you can find the question that you want to solve. That means you’re in the right track. All you have to do is solving this particular question and get published! So if you want to start research. Ask yourself question: what do I find most interesting in this particular field? Then start playing with science.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re not allowed to use Google and/or Wikipedia?

  • Back in the times when I was in high school some of the teachers were telling me to do a project by using my own words, for me was very hard doing it because I didn’t have to much knowledge on the topic that she/he want to talk about, in that case I take a risk and did a research and gather a little bit of information to know what I am going to talk about, also the teacher told us that she would notice if we copy paste from the internet or not, so it was very hard.

Are you more like Susan or Edward?

  • I am more like Susan because I use google information’s/websites but not all of them. I use both idea mines and googles ideas and I combine them and see which one is better.

Bad Idea Post

The chapter that we chose was “You can learn to write in general” By Elizabeth Wardle

This chapter problem was about that many people believe there is one way to express you’re ideas but in reality the a lot of many forms of writing and trying to express what you want to say.

According to the author, the idea that we can all learn to “write in general” is not just a harmless myth. It’s a dangerous idea that needs to die because it hurts students and frustrates teachers and employers. And writers who believe it are easily discouraged because they don’t know how to learn what they need to learn in new writing situations.

A better conception of writing is one in which we all remember our own experiences learning to write in different situations, and then apply that memory to our expectations of what we and others can achieve. A better notion of how writing works is one that recognizes that after learning scribal skills everything a writer does is impacted by the situation in which she is writing.

Karla M. & Oscar C.

My Literacy Sponsors

Dear Milton,

My literacy sponsors would be every teacher throughout my educational career. It has been a positive literacy sponsor for me, including the teacher who taught me English. My English teacher (Milton) aided in growing my writing and reading skills with different forms of literature, he opened my mind to the hugeness of the world, texts, opinions, cultures, and styles of thought that exist.  I learned about different types of religions, and I learned the opportunity to read sections of some religious texts for the first time. However, my teacher helped me to become more accepting and knowledgeable of other values, ideals, and expectations than what I had become literate in with the sponsorship of my parents. This has been an extremely healthy relationship between my sponsors and me.

Mike Rose Post

The rules that I will put is that the first paragraph I should know the reader what’s the topic is going to be about. The first paragraph must engage the reader’s attention. Should have one main topic which is (the “thesis”) that is clear in the introduction and conclusion. Always, start with something short and easy to engage with. Prove to your reader that you’re providing value, make it easy for your reader to be drawn in. Every time I’m writing something I get confused organizing my ideas, like there’s too many ways of organizing that I waste time thinking of how to put it, or how it sounds better.

Ross mention to focus on the introduction to get reader’s attention and then organize your writing strategically. A good introduction would take any reader’s attention but when the intro starts getting longer and longer could make the reader get bored. Also, Rose points out how students can be so caught up in what they’re supposed to write, but never actually get to writing because they have no idea where to start because of all the rules given from different teachers.

I look more like Laurel, she’s not the only one who make a mistake including a paragraph on an issue that was never mentioned in the topic paragraph. Sometimes I get out of the topic because I get excited and I really want to say it and I want to people know my experience or my knowledge about X situation.

GUM Work

The difference between TSG and Grammar in context is that TSG was used to teach student in a better way of learning grammar, is a set of assumption about how grammar usage is best learned rather than a specific course of study. However, grammar in context will allow learners to see how rules can be used in sentences. Teaching grammar is to show how language Works. Context-based grammar holds an important place for effective learning. Grammar changes because the needs of its speakers change. New technologies, new products, and new experiences requires new words to refer to them clearly and efficiently. Many of the changes that occur in language begin with teens and young adults. As young people interact with others their own age, their language grows to include words, phrases, and constructions that are different from those of the older generation.It will be more motivating for learners if grammar is taught in context as students will have an opportunity to know how the new grammar structures work. Grammar rules are made easier if they are given in a context and teaching grammar in context gives an accuracy in the target language.

Oscar’s Goals

My goal for the college is to graduate with a good GPA such a 3.5 above, get to know everything that I need to know in every single class that I’m taking and I already took. After college my goal is to become a Mechanical Engineer of Aviation, get a job that goes with the major that I study of course and create a family. At an early age, I had always been fascinated by how things worked and how they were put together. It started very simply playing with Legos and toys, my objective was being able to put them together to form structures.  I’ve always enjoyed going to the airport since I was little kid to watch the airplanes land and take off.

I chose this picture because describes me in couple of year how I’m going to be working; repairing and maintaining mechanics stuffs.