Revised portrait of a writer

Short explanation:

During my revision, I went over making sure I corrected any spelling and grammar as well as transition words. I also made sure I went back and used any examples that could amplify my work so it could be understood better and the reader had a sense of what I was trying to convey through my writing. With this my edited work has improved through perspective and better understanding.



Portrait of a writer Unit 1

Writing to me has been a chore and always a “Ugh” moment, but I’ve changed a bit. A chore that ruined my mood as I stared at an empty page looking for inspiration. But throughout this class and the past couple months writing has grown on me, giving me a sense of expression. Still hard, but I actually try to write my thoughts in writing and it gives me a sense of completion and triumph  when I write something, it makes me feel very proud about it. Nevertheless, I still get writers block like any other person, but after that obstacle the pen never leaves the paper. I’m still shy about writing and showing people, as I’m not good at writing, even though I like to think I am like anyone else. I like the flow of good writers and the way is just all makes sense. Sentences don’t sound chunky or too long, Introductions and transitions are seamless. For me it feels like a set of bullet points, and is sounds like “Blah, Blah, Blah, dot”. And so on. That’s what I’m trying to fix but recently my ability to be able to know what I want to write about has been helping me with that problem. I don’t see myself thinking for 5 minutes after each sentence I write in fear that it all going to fall apart in any second. Instead I think of the topic and start writing whatever comes to my mind and edit it afterwards . This is helpful because I feel accomplished for actually writing and putting effort into something especially during the editing process gets easier and easier every writing session I have.


I also like poetry, and the way the simple poems rhyme and make me smile. I find myself always wanting to read more. My attempts at writing are about the people that matter to me or how I feel. Writing still is new to me though, I am more of a science and math type of person and yet now I find myself  in the moment when I start to slow down and don’t know what to say. This is why writing is frustrating in many cases, because it makes me feel dumb. “Really? You can’t write an essay about yourself?”. Those are the thoughts that run through my head when I’m writing, and then soon catastrophe of sloppiness and rushed words start to kick in. But not in this essay. In all honesty, Writing is a hobby that I try to practice in and always see myself falling out, but I am inspired by some of my literary sponsors I have. Some of them include my favorite teacher and My girlfriend, both of which very good at writing and have wonderful pieces of writing that I frankly read when I’m bored because they are so amazing to me. As a writer I would give myself a 6/10, I fallout and give up sometimes, but I still have the motivation to try over and over again. I like writing but it’s unfortunately not my forte.


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