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Video games next big thing?

The reason I choose this topic is because I have always been inserted in gaming. It has changed and shaped me into who I am today It brings all sorts of entertainment into all kids and adults’ life. My assumptions is that video games are in fact the next big hit thing. There was a time when video games were seen as a waste of time. Teenage boys and girls sitting in their rooms for hours playing mindless games. This is no longer true and today we have eSports or professional video gaming. There are teens who are making a career out of playing video games. You probably never would have thought that you could play video games for a living, but in 2018 you can. In fact, you’ve been able to make a successful career out of professional video gaming for several years now. It’s called eSports and there are teams from all over the world and multi-million-dollar tournaments that take place all over the world. Professional gamers are available on a number of big name games like Dota 2(which is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation), Halo(which is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(which is a multiplayer first-person shooter video), FIFA(also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of association football video games or football simulator), and much more. These players make a living playing video games and they can win millions taking part in professional tournaments. In fact, many have sponsorship’s too and there are professional eSports Leagues too. Could you believe that, who knew that video games would be the next big thing. The barrier between virtual and physical worlds is getting thinner and thinner. In the past people relied on drawings and diagrams but now 3D objects can be printed from a computer and with virtual reality we can now step inside these 3D realities and explore. Headsets from Google VR and other headset design companies allow this technology to be used. First person shooter games allow players to step inside a new world and see exactly what is happening from their characters viewpoint. Games are no longer seen as being a geek thing to do and they are now part of mainstream culture. They can be found everywhere and on all devices. Just look at the explosion of mobile games and apps. Puzzle games, brain training, adventure, strategy, and more. Every possible category you can think of has games available. There will also be arguments that video games and their connection to violence is not a good thing and that it can’t have a positive impact, but players love video games and with the introductions of Virtual Reality players can now step inside different worlds and realities and explore and learn even more. You can travel the world with virtual reality video games and that really can’t be a bad thing. My opinion towards video games is mind boggling. I would have never imaged video games would have had such a big impact towards the world. Who knew that games that were meant as an object to pass time would turn into a lifestyle.

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I did what I was told to do in the email you have sent me. I clearly stated my thoughts and opinions on video games and the reason as to why I choose this topic. I also talked about different types of videos games that had a huge impact towards the world. I’ve also added cited work into my revision, and I fixed some small grammar and spelling problems.

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