“Let Me Be Frank With You”

Dear Professor,

Now let me start by saying this. I love writing. Am I good at it? No. Do I try? Yes. But writing have always been and still is a love-hate relationship. Going into your class, I had an understanding of writing essays and formats and the mumbo jumbo. All the clear cut “Intro. Body. Conclusion” essays that I had to make every other week like a machine. It really tarnished my love for writing. So the look on my face when you told me to forget all of that in the first day of class, was priceless. I felt free whereas the open lab posts helped get me back into the discipline of writing regularly, but in a way that I’ve never done before.

I would say the biggest opinion that changed about writing would be the literary sponsors. It was really confusing at first, yet it helped me reflect back to my old high school teacher.It made me reach out to her and it finally made me understand the meaning of literary sponsors and how they impact the writer. To be honest, writing that essay was really dreary, to be frank most of the assignments didn’t spark my interest. However, this assignment really did help me clear my hardwired mentality on formatting and how not every single piece of writing has to be in a “1. 2. 3.”format. Though I am still confused on how I am supposed to start my pieces of work, like this one. More and more practice will allow me to become a better writer and feel more confident when creating prices of writing.

Do I think that the things we learned in your class will help me in other classes? No particularly. Yet I still learned a lot about my literary sponsors, and It helped me realize there are a lot of other ways to write. But I still don’t understand how discords are going to affect me. I guess the saying “make of that what you will” is true in this sense. I believe it’s more about the students mentality towards information. For me I was taught to memorize formats and specific ways to do things and I am still moving into that mentality of thinking outside the box thanks to this class.

Writer’s block will always be my enemy, especially in super-specific topic like our “googlepedia” project. I still encounter the problem of knowing what I want to write on the tip of my tongue but never finding the right words to say it. To be honest that is why I am turning this letter in the day of the deadline. It is something I have to keep working on , especially if I want to succeed through my other english classes in the future. So I will be practicing throughout my summer vacation for my next incoming semester.

It was difficult to write this. You said you don’t lie and I don’t want to lie to you. I wanted to be frank with you This class was different from any other english class I have ever been in, and I thank you giving me the opportunity to be learn something that I couldn’t comprehend before. This is something I will keep with me as I continue my academic career, and even on. So thank you for that.


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