Final Portfolio 2B

As I have said in my unit 1 report, I would like to think that the teacher’s format they are teaching would in fact be useless. You can’t make a student follow a set of rules you can’t just hinder a person creativity. You have to let that person express his/her emotions. The teaching style that you have taught us has had a huge impact on my writing skills. You go in depth on one’s own writing techniques and you allow for the students to explore and express how she/he feels in this so-called writing piece. You have changed my opinion on writing because back when I was in high-school I never enjoyed writing it just never clicked with me, but once i stepped into your classroom a bright light pondered over my pale face. I knew this class was going to be something special. I started to enjoy writing I never saw it as a task I needed to finish just to get a grade. I saw it as an emotional outlet a place to vent and place to be free. I personally think that I will carry this writing style till my death because without it I won’t be able to express who I am.

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