Dear Professor,

Learning what I learned in this class has definitely helped my writing out but it especially made me enjoy writing a little bit more than I used to before. From the “Bad Ideas About Writing” I really learned that not restricting myself to the things that I thought were standard in writing before, makes the writing much easier to do and enjoy. Prior to coming to this class writing essays have always been like a chore to me, something I don’t fell like doing but it must be done. Through my understanding that the restrictions placed on my writing at a young age were really just a standard for public school work really made the writing experience an all around better form of work that I have come to enjoy. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed speaking my mind onto whatever I wrote like with my individual report on the battle royale genre. Without removing the limiters that had been placed on me, the piece would not have been as good as I think it is now.

In essay writing classes like English and history I think what I learned will prove to be useful. I think I am already well versed in writing document based writing pieces so being able to incorporate myself into it may make the writing better.

Sometimes I do wonder if what I’m saying can be considered the wrong thing to say. I think that it’s moreso the way people interpret certain things but that is something that I always think about when speaking in real life and writing. Something else  I worry about when writing is if I go on for too long. I remember you said that make my writing as long as it needs to be nut it is still pretty hard to judge how much should be said based off of that alone. That may be something that comes to me with time but for right now I find it much easier to have a specific word count to look out for.


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