Authors Statement

The audience that I chose for my speech were young up and coming boxers working out at a gym. I believe that in catching them when they are just starting out allows for them to not fall into the use of steroids and the need to want to cheat. I believe that with my words and my examples i can instill a good nature in them that will motivate them to achieve their goals the right way and what the consequences of cheating on another man’s life can be, especially with how unforgiving boxing can be. I chose a speech to convey my ideas because i believe it can motivate anyone to do the right thing and motivate them to work hard for their dreams. When boxers are in their corners during a bout, their trainers tend to give motivational speeches in order to rile them up and get them to perform better and i wanted to convey that idea with my speech in order for it to reach them better. I had some trouble coming up with the correct words for motivation and iwas able to go online to look for synonyms that would allow me to use more effective words to help them feel better about themselves. I believe my speech turned out well and i feel that if i were the one receiving the message id feel motivated to achieve my dreams and remain clean throughout my career if i made it to the pros. I would have liked to create a pamphlet because it might have conveyed my message better if i added visuals for the athletes to look at and really reflect on the sort of person they’d want to be.

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