Alex torres Artist statment 5/20/19

My audience were people who watch FIFA but don’t think about the organization that runs it. I chose this audience because these supporters are the reason why the World Cup and so many soccer events make money. Therefore, without fans, FIFA would lose its supporters and have to change its structure. I chose a video format because it allows you to visual the suffering that takes place in Brazil and in Qatar currently. Images are a powerful device to persuade when it comes to human rights abuses and corruption because images are crucial in proving the existence of distant suffering and injustice. For example, seeing the working conditions in Qatar helps give reasons as to why FIFA must fix their structure. In addition, fans come from all over the world and speak different languages. Images are a universal and powerful language, giving everyone a clear way to understand why FIFA should be changed. I did have a challenge when making the video. How was I going to pull on the heart strings of the supports of the World Cup and get them to actually take action? It was challenging, but I decided to use the common sounds of the “Goal! Goal! Goal!” Of sport commentators and the thousands of fans surrounding the stadium. All noises you would hear on the tv. Thats how I go the attention of the viewers. I did not revise any help in the making of the video, I would have like some help but there was no-one available that has knowledge like I do in the sport and the controversies behind it. I think it turned out really really, I pulled the heart strings of the already World Cup Supporters while trying to relate to reach more people. So I think it turned out well.

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