Artist’s statement

My audience would be everyone but specifically young boy and girl, women entrepreneurs ,because online business will give them the opportunity to fulfill their unfulfilled dream of working their own and get their own identity as an entrepreneur.For my remix I chose women entrepreneurs and young girl and boy because they can use online business platform to enhance their inner creativity and represent them to the world and they can also helps to spread the importance of online business. I choose magazines,articles ,YouTube videos ,Facebook , because these are the fuel of online business. I know this will work best for my audience because online business based on promotion,the more good reviews you get and the more people know about the business and the more buyer you get. The problem I face doing this is people can easily copy your ideas because using the social media’s as a source which is open to everyone and anyone can see it and people can easily duplicate your ideas for their beneficiaries. If I can use some extra secured platform to promote and share the ideas except these social media’s it would have been way better.

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