The Barry Bonds scandal has been a large story in the media for some time now. There are many reasons why I took this issue. One, I just wants to show how the government should sway their priorities from Barry to real issues that if not tended to can permanently alter our lives. I made a point to read about Barry Bonds and I want to see what others think about this. MLB needs to change its policies about steroids. Down in the reference page (1) is a website where it list the history of Barry Bonds from when he was born, to his hometown as well as his records in his baseball career. It provides his recognitions, awards received, honors and other appearances while still in MLB. Since his first draft, every statistic from batting, and other position is available to the end of his career. There is also statistics of what could make him the Hall of Fame from different reasons, but not having the award. Victor Conte (2) tells about the illegal drugs Barry Bonds took, how he feels responsible for all of the athletes who came under investigation as a result of the BALCO raid and offers his input on Bonds’ dramatic home run uptick and gaining significant weight in one offseason. The intended audience is everybody, directed to anyone who wants to know more about the problem of Barry Bonds.

In Barry Bonds’ biography (3), it begins to discuss Barry Bonds’ background story from where he was born to a brief summary of what he was known for. As it discusses his early career with baseball it leads to his fame. In his baseball career, he was breaking records from hitting to later in 2001 breaking the homerun records beating Mark McGwire when he reached 70 home runs. He first denies taking steroids, but began to capture attention after improving his home runs and hitting’s season after season. Investigations lead to search from Bonds’ trainer to his nutritionist. Although many lawsuits are amongst him, he still denies taking steroids and battles for his Hall of Fame.

This dispute of his suspected steroid use and how he has artificially broken Hank Aaron’s home run record has left the public in an uproar. It is true to say that steroids contributed greatly in Bonds’ successes.  First, Bonds performance as shown earlier on before 1998 was not the best and would only hit few records.  In addition to that, there is no evidence or prove that Bonds had not been using steroids since the MLB had not restricted it. MLB banned and tested for steroid usage starting from 2002. Secondly, it was after selecting Anderson as his supervisor that his prominence elevated. Bonds was also envious of other gurus like Sosa and McGwire who hit records through steroid usage which motivated him. That means, other baseball gurus concurrently used steroids to enhance their performance. Moreover, Bonds performance would be demurred as it appeared at his old age something that barely happened in other previous baseball players. In addition, much evidence on Bonds’ steroid usage were found after raiding Anderson’s’ home for instance calendars with the name ‘Barry’ and a note on payment of a blood.

In 2008, no team accepted a contract with Bonds meaning that his achievements were doubted and not clean.

Well, it is ashamed to heard about this, people like to use boosters to improve their self so they don’t need to force too much and succeed. It feel the same as selling drugs to get easy money or buying something instead of making it yourself, people look at this booster when they know that they are not performing well or because they get addictive to it. However, I think he deserved what he got and policies are policies.


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