“Googlepedia” Nour El-refaey


Part 1

When it comes to researching a specific topic, and trying to come up with interesting and valuable information I usually start by using my own knowledge on the topic, followed by online reliable source proof. The reason why I always start by using my own knowledge on a topic is because everything that I tend to remember about anything is remembered because of how interesting it is to me. Nobody remembers boring things that doesn’t spark interest in their mind.

Secondly once I’m out of personal knowledge I go straight to searching the topic and the top result will always be Wikipedia. I look at Wikipedia so that I could get a better understanding of the topic I am about to write a whole lot about. Wikipedia is very reliable when it comes to getting a time frame on certain topics. For example if I was doing research on automobiles, Wikipedia would be my primary source for dates and information on the history of automobiles.

Tertiary, I love including articles in my research papers from reliable sources around the internet. Most of my writing would be based on articles because articles are usually based on specific events that all relate to each other. For example if I am writing a research paper on the Arab Spring that occurred in 2011, news articles from around that date on that topic will give you information on specific experiences that were faced by individuals in those middle eastern countries at the time. The reason why I chose regular articles rather than news articles is because the news tends to miss out on more valuable and interesting events. It is almost as if regular articles are written from the point of view of the people in a country while the news writes on the political stance of an issue that goes on in a country.

Without citing your information on a research paper, the whole paper will go to waste because it is considered plagiarism, which is something that is taken very seriously within the writing world.

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