Emdad Khan.                                                                     ENG 1101                                                02/27/2019

Whenever I write a research paper, I mostly go to google to search in online. Because google is world biggest search engine in the world. Google has access for all kind of people and almost anyone can write their thought and argument in online. Also writers can write blog post, important notes, and important documents. For having access to google all kind of people, google has established many fake news and information which can lead people to distraction. As a result, we can distract ourselve and can discuss false information again and again.

For college research paper, I avoid all unreliable sources. Unlike Edward and Susan I do not try to give authenticity to my work from some sources that I may not reliable. Of course, I take information from google, but I try my best to find out reliable sources. To find out reliable source, I find out who wrote it and does their other information was true and factual enough that I can use it to support my research paper. Edward was too reliable on online articles without looking it authenticity. Another mistake he makes  it was he came to point right way without judging the sources. Is it reliable or not ?

Anothe source beside google, I used newspaper to write my research paper. Unlike Susan who used Wikipedia while Wikipedia is always changeable and anyone can write on Wikipedia. I think to make our research more factual and reliable, we need to collect information from real sources instead anything else. Best way to judge any post, I select articles from reliable sources. For example, news paper articles and business articles. Also I take information from blog post that I previously know from my preknowledge.

As a researcher, my opinion about using google and wikipedia are equally important, but I need to judge sources first before I start quot from those sources. Using fact and reliable sources are equally important for my research papers. Also having news form news paper can make my research more reliable then taking something from unknown sources.

If I use any other sources and without any authenticity, my research papers can be false statements and people will not take it for granted. As a result, my all work can be useless and misguided.



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