Discourse Community

The time I tried to join a discourse community was back when I was in High school. At  the time I was a huge baseball fan and I would always play it. So there was one day where i decided to join the baseball team in my school. I was the youngest one there, they were all either seniors or juniors and at the time I was a sophomore. So finding a way to fit in seemed like a challenge and a difficult task to do. So when i first joined I heard a group of the older kids talking about baseball and I knew a lot of it so i decided to just randomly join that conversation. After joining that conversation everyone was giving their opinions and it was a very cool situation to be in. Once that conversation was over and a few days later passed and a few more conversations regarding baseball news were discussed and I would just join those conversations out of nowhere. As time passed I saw myself fitting into this discourse community and it helped me feel much more comfortable to be on that team.

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