Discourse communities

When I came to USA, I only knew about American dream. For me American dream means easy access to all the fundamental rights. However after coming to this country i realized that language barrier is the most difficult thing in person’s life. As my native language is not English,I had difficulty to communicate with people and even express myself properly. Sometimes I want to express something but people misunderstood me. Sadly I felt so less confident that I’m unable to express myself properly. It’s not easy to blend yourself with new culture,new community and new country. Learning a language could be a possible thing But learning a culture,history is not going to happen in a glance but i will try my best to adopt it . In my first school in the USA,I met a lot of students of different languages and cultures. I adopted some of their cultures and they adopted some of mine. That’s how I made lot of friends with different cultures from different countries.

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