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  1. Topic= Crisis in Venezuela  (The Univision Team was “briefly detained” in Venezuela after the interview with President Maduro).
  2.  I started by researching the topic i was my fond of and is causing such dis drought to allot of people in Venezuela and the u.s. I decided to start with google and typing in the situation. I decided to start this way because i would get to see many sources implying this situation rather then brainstorming and not being able to find any information at all. I prefer google rather than Wikipedia because allot of the times Wikipedia does not have accurate information, then my whole topic or what I’m trying to tell about the crisis will be in accurate.
  4. I hit this link because it was very useful it explained my topic and the issue very well. It states about an interview where Jorge Ramos a Univison Reporter went to Maduro and was settled down for an interview to talk about the crisis in Venezuela and why the president was doing nothing about it. Jorge Ramos Later than was taken into custody and his interview equipment was taken away without consent. This was a very big controversy when The Unvision team was gone in Venezuela by Maduro’s orders and no one knowing where they were for a while.
  5. I generally stay on a page for quite a while to see if the information is relevant or its not. I would break down the information  and examine each paragraph to see why these certain things occurred or what made this person take such action.

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