Portrait of a writer ( Draft 2nd).

Emdad Khan.                                                              ENG 1101

Portrait of a writer.                                               02/18/2019


The things that make me stuck when I write anything is analyzing paragraph or easy. Come up with complete ideas and thoughts with realistic evidence. Mostly I get stuck in introduction when I need to write down thesis statement. Come up with right thesis is really hard sometime. When I write down good thesis then I can easily write body paragraph. So I think it is hard for me to get nice introduction.

There are also grammatical weakness sometimes keep me away from becoming a good writer. Among the grammar rules subject and verb agreement are important. Even though grammar makes hard to tell our complete thoughts, but when we talk we never follow grammars. So, why do we learn grammar ? Because it helps us to get exact information that without grammar it seems impossible. For example, many grammar learners get difficulties to understand past tense and past perfect. So, when someone is telling you a story and he doesn’t follow the rules about grammar and he just mixed the grammar like past and past perfect. As a result, the listener will get hard time to understand the time and may get wrong information.

For this reason learning grammar is important. Even though we should not focus in grammar, punctuation, machanics of grammar so deeply that once get uncomfortable to write down his or her complete thoughts. Because grammar will give our writing harmonies and it doesn’t have any power deal with our thinking. Previous time people doesn’t know any grammar and they never took lessons to learn grammar, but still people understand each other. Because teaching grammar and learning grammar started only several 100 years before. So how people communicate successfully ? If grammar was most essential for learning and teaching.

In the present time, we see our school and college students brainstorm before they write something. Even they are told in the school and college before you write something please brainstorm. The brainstorm mean once write down his or her thoughts without looking grammatical errors and they are being told to write down their complete thoughts in paper without stop for grammatical errors. Because teachers love to know their students complete thoughts instead correcting their students grammatical mistakes. Because if teachers stop their student then students may will not share their complete thoughts. As a result, they may be disqualified before they proving themselves as a genius student.

So our teachers do not want that their students get disqualified without presenting themselves entirely. Because only you can judge someone when you know that he or she is completely presented themselves to you. Otherwise those judgements can be wrong and will lose it value to judge others.

Furthermore, we are language learners not fix our grammatical errors. Even if you look into your own grammar and use of languages then you will find there are many grammatical errors. It is not acceptable that someone will not share their thoughts for grammatical errors. There are many foreign language leaners who are very talented than many people who born in the USA. So it will not fair if we judge someone by their language leaning skills.

Finally, I think learning grammars and speaking powers are skills that anyone can achive by practicing. There are extrovert people who talk more then introvert people so it doesn’t mean that extrovert people are more smarter then introvert people. I may introvert people do not practice their social activities unlike extrovert.

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