How do you start doing research?

  • Research has 2 steps: (1) ask question (2) find the answer. If you can find the question that you want to solve. That means you’re in the right track. All you have to do is solving this particular question and get published! So if you want to start research. Ask yourself question: what do I find most interesting in this particular field? Then start playing with science.

Has anyone ever told you that you’re not allowed to use Google and/or Wikipedia?

  • Back in the times when I was in high school some of the teachers were telling me to do a project by using my own words, for me was very hard doing it because I didn’t have to much knowledge on the topic that she/he want to talk about, in that case I take a risk and did a research and gather a little bit of information to know what I am going to talk about, also the teacher told us that she would notice if we copy paste from the internet or not, so it was very hard.

Are you more like Susan or Edward?

  • I am more like Susan because I use google information’s/websites but not all of them. I use both idea mines and googles ideas and I combine them and see which one is better.

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