I start my research by often searching for the topic on google but not Wikipedia. Google is a search engine that can have many different ways to find what you looking for, in a case where I’m doing a research, I look for articles or any form of facts on the topic I’m searching on. In addition after reading the information I put it into my own words that way I can understand the topic better.

In High school, most of my teachers were so against students using Wikipedia as a valuable source and that any one can change the information it’s giving, so anytime we were doing a research or any project that involved researching information, we had to find other reliable sources on google.

Just like Susan choose google as her search engine to find various information on the topic and it  be hard to pick one source of evidence because there are some other articles/sources on google that may have more information for the research. Therefore, I’m more like Susan because she tend to go with the source that she can make the stronger argument for.

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