Portrait of a Writer

Elijah Raymond

Eng 1101

Spring 2019



I think that as writer, I have always been good at doing what I was told from ever since I started. Teachers from elementary school through high school had all made what they wanted to see in our writing very clearly and I was able to give them what they wanted. I have learned to get used to writing like that and enjoyed doing so; barely putting my thoughts into it which leaves me, the writer of said piece, out of my own writing. I enjoyed the feeling that my teacher and anyone else in class that read my writing would not know who wrote my work unless they gazed at the top of the page and saw whose name was there.

I would much rather write about work that can be cited and proven through the use of facts from a text than to write subjective pieces of literature that puts my mindset onto a piece of paper. I don’t like the idea of writing something of my own opinion for it to be openly shared. People tend to get really agitated and go really hard when you bring up your own opinion so I like to stay away from that. Writing about facts instead of opinions is also an easier process to me, all the information is from a text so it does not require me to put myself onto the paper. I tend to change my mind about things very easily so doing opinionated pieces would probably serve no purpose if what I wrote doesn’t even apply two days later after I have changed my mind on what I wrote. I know something like that can be edited easily but I am the type of guy that would like to do things once, go over it once, and leave it be. That is also how I am on test and why I usually fail them; I like to stick with my initial answer and believe that any doubt I have on it will have a negative effective. It may seem that I went off topic but I believe this and how I feel about opinion based writing are very similar. If I change my mind on an opinion based piece that I wrote, I would, in all likelihood, keep that change to myself and leave the paper as it is knowing that I am just torturing myself by thinking of how what I wrote and what I now think are two different things.

Though these claims are not based on experience since I can’t think, off the top of my head, of when I wrote a serious, opinion based piece of writing. This is all how I feel it would go if I did have to write an opinion based piece of writing which I most likely will do in the future of this class. Maybe I can get better and rethink this mentality I have by actually practicing to write in that way but for right now, this is how I feel on the matter of opinion based writing.

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