I start doing research by asking classmates’ opinions, and find some information which specific relate to my work on google. After that, I summarize their information with my opinions to create my work.

When I took high school, my history teacher told me that not allowed to use Wikipedia, because its information mostly weren’t accurate, the better choice was books.

I more like Susan, because she research specific topic, and then check the suggestions which appear on google. After that, she looks first 5 selections. her ways save much time for works, and her ways could more quickly find out what she wants to research.

Search Log

  • I started google because I think google’s information more accurate than the wikipedia.
  • I hit this specific link because it located on top, and when I search the topic which about travel, the little information under the link catch my attention, such as save the money.
  • I stayed on a page approximately 10 mins.
  • I will check those information whether or not accurate compare with other site’s information. If most the information are the same, I will choose more specific one.
  • The note: When I click in the website, it showed me which travel tools I want, such as flights, cars and cruises. After I make choice, the site list specific information to me, For example, different kinds of hotels. However, the bad aspect was there isn’t have travel activities, it only provide me the house and travel tools.

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