My literacy sponsor

Dear Zubair

My literacy sponsors are my mother from my early life,my sister and my husband after I’m married to him.My mother is an intelligent and very disciplined person.she used to set rules for us and always gave me freedom to do whatever I want but my education has to be in right direction. I learned a lot of things from my mother and still before taking any decision I feel her and think what she would do or she would tell me to do. My mom believes in my failure and taught me to correct myself after each failure. My sister was a big encouragement behind my every decision or success. Her encouragement always stays with me like a shadow. They made me who I’m today. After getting married to my husband he always helped me to gain knowledge about life and surrounding situations. He never left me alone and he is a confidence booster. He always keep saying me you can do anything if you try your best. There is a proverb saying education is the backbone of the nation and for me these people are the backbone of my education and my development.


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  1. What a lovely post! I think it’s so important for a girl to have women in her life that support her and tell her she can do anything she wants, even if that support sometimes feels a little restrictive. I love that she expected and accepted failure, and showed you how to learn and move on from it; that’s rare. And to have a supportive husband is truly a blessing.
    –Prof Blain

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