Mike Rose’s Piece

The rules that I was always told to follow are to start with an introduction/have a hook to attract the readers attention, follow up with body paragraphs, write in my own words for the audience to understand what I’m trying to say, cite the source of evidence and have a conclusion. Things that makes it hard for me to write it’s mostly about what topic am I writing about, how to keep adding ideas and trying not to repeat the some thing from before.

After reading Mike Rosé’s piece, he explains how rules can at times unable people to write.He talks about how a lot of writers spend most of their time trying to have the introduction to make their essay more interesting.

Laura is mostly close to me when it comes to writing because I tend to make some mistakes like she does. When I write I be getting out of topic at times and not get straight to the point, I want to make sure the reader knows what I’m trying to say.

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  1. You write well, so I know how hard it is to accept that revisions are a necessary part of writing. But that’s what finding new so-called “off topic” ideas is all about — sometimes those are the best things to write about. And, yes, it means revising. It’s not a flaw, however; just part of the process that leads to better writing. Annoying…
    –Prof Blain

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