Mike Ross’s piece

The rules about writing is write something in a way that can reach it’s goal. I think every writing has some meaning and it should be fulfilled. For example if someone writes a letter they want to express their feelings or emotions in it, some people write in journal and it also has some other motto. If reader can’t understand what you are writing so it already lost it’s meaning. There is some common rules of writing and it’s usually consists of one introduction, three body paragraph and one conclusion. And sometimes these general rules of writing makes it more difficult for writer to perform it well and can be a barrier for being creative .

The rules that Ross mention to focus on the introduction to get reader’s attention and then organize your writing strategically. A good introduction surely attracts an reader attention but sometimes introduction become too long  that it makes reader bored. If i can go beyond some general rules then I think it would be easy for me to express my own ideas and thoughts on paper.

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