Mike Rose’s Piece

The rules for writing that I tend to notice before writing a piece is having to keep in mind that I need a 5 paragraph essay that includes the into, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. In addition for the introduction, I’ll need a hook that will catch the audience so they will engage with the writing. To end the introduction I have to state them. thesis what the writing piece will refer to. In the other hand what makes it hard for me when doing general writing is have to explain my evidence in my own words, I tend to get caught up in that part. As well as in the conclusion when I have to end the witing with a closing that relates to the topic and not wanting to repeat the same ideas.

Some rules that Rose says that keep people from writing is lack of order, not knowing where to state what in the writing which leads to frustration.  The rules that enable people from writing is grammar and past experience rules such as putting more importance in the introduction such as the hook, trying to find the best hook to catch the audience and not bore them.

I could relate myself to putting more effort into the intro because in High School I was thought that the hook was the big point in an essay when having to express your point of view. The hook is what catches the audience, its the first thing that people tend to read.




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