Mike Rose’s piece

Before reading :    The rules about writing that I think about whenever I write a piece of writing is that it has be clear for the reader. The work can not be too dull, so there must be a hook. Follow the grammar and punctuation rules. What makes writing hard for me is having to backup my idea with pieces of evidences that I sometimes can’t find.

The rules that Ross seem to keep people from using, “is taking about that stop people from writing are always grab the audience attention, outlining or planning.” This is because, writers who are trying to grab the readers attention tend to spend longer time in the introduction or first paragraph trying to make it interesting  or not making it to wordy for trying to avoid  imperfection. Non blocker tend to keep the audience in mind. Planning stop people from writing because when the writing doesn’t go as planned people tend to get stuck. NON blocker know how to adapt to something they planned, when it fails non blocker use “if don’t fit change it” people with writing block try finding a way to still add it in.

I am none of the writers that Ross mentions about. I tend to get writer block because I don’t know how to get my ideas on to paper.

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