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Proposal – Yuong Huao Ng Liang

When it comes to Coronavirus it a serious pandemic, it is important that we join and collaborate together as a part of the community in order to fight for COVID-19, we can’t let Coronavirus defeat us!!. When I said to join together as a part of the community to fight for COVID-19, I want to teach people the importance of personal hygiene especially during the Coronavirus crisis, and the role of responsibilities that we all have as a part of the community in order to prevent Coronavirus spreading. As my audience, I would say I want my work to reach young people, and adults since most people who go outside in public are mostly adults. However I want adults people who have kids to spread my message to their children about how important is personal hygiene when it comes to a pandemic crisis. I know not all people read a wall-poster on the streets, subway, or in any place but I would like to create a poster that you can share digitally as a social media post and also as a physical copy that is print out. I choose a poster as my genre because a poster is the most effective and old fashion way to deliver a message to people, this method is not old fashion anymore because now we have something called “digital poster”; a combination of a physical poster and a digital photo where you can share on the internet. To get started with my genre a poster, I would gather copyright-free contents on the internet, then I will put some words from previous unit 2 as the background text for the poster and talking about the poster, there are many resources to creates a poster through Adobe products, Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Presentation have the design and feature of a stylistic poster but however, I would try Canva. When it comes to finishing this project, my only concern was will I find a lot of online copyright-free content and resources for my particular topic.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is a good idea. I’m SURE you’ll find plenty of copyright-free and/or Creative Commons License materials! Probably more than you can use, in fact :-). I love the one you’ve posted.

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