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Proposal- Anher Hafiz

I want to focus on what I learned about remote learning and talk about the struggles students and teachers are going through and also how its affecting students. My main audience is students because they could relate to the difficulties of remote/online learning. I think I might do a blog post and maybe quote some of my friends who are also in college and what their opinions are with remote learning.  I also might bring up some of my sources and research more about the effects of remote learning. I’m worried if the idea of a ‘blog’ might not interest the audience I’m trying to reach.


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That’s a good worry :-). Where are the places kids might go for information, just in general? Is Instagram a thing still? Maybe you can create an Insta-story or something. I have no idea what blogs kids read — might be worth Googling something like “what blogs do teens read?” and see what happens.

  2. Yuong Huao Ng L. ERMHS19

    A blog post can be a very powerful community communication. I like your ideas of how you are going to do your unit 3 as a blog and deliver message to students in general. It cool to make a blog and don’t worry about that blog is not an interest for students, if you want more audience view, you could post the blog link to social media or one of your local community Facebook page or any type of social media. For example, Citytech FB page, IG , Brooklyn Library (specific branch), just make sure that your content is appropriate for all ages. Also there are a lot of free websites to start a personal blog such as Google Bloggers. I hope some of my suggestion help you to get your unit 3 start and I hope I bring encouragement to you about making a blog page, post, or website. Sometimes, you gain audiences by sharing contents around the internet. Sometime people share fake, false content on the internet and blogging with clear detailed information are the essential key to made your audience to believe what your what to distribute. In this day, blog are still essential tool for communication and express your feeling, deliver a message, or even act as your voice so someone know about it

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