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Bad Ideas – Jason Chen

Research can and should be used in a way that gives new light to all perspectives upon the subject being investigated upon. In the case of starting research with a thesis statement, the process with an answer to the question at hand and sources backing up this answer, but at the same time, will not bring up points of disagreement, where other ideas are generated addressing the subject. If we have a thesis statement when we research something, we’d most likely want an answer. However, just finding an answer may not explain different features that may revolve around the subject. As for never finding a definite answer to research, that type of feeling to me would be frustrating. Even if I were to be able to find small bits of answers to my question(s) and be able to piece them together, that would be better than researching for an unknown amount of time for no concrete results. When I do my research, I just find something that seems relevant and accurate online and if that’s not enough, I’d just look for similar questions asked to see if I can different views of the big picture as finding each segment tends to end with slight differences due to different perspectives.


  1. YongYu Chen

    I totally agree with your points. If starting researching something, that will not really brings up the points of disagreement. Because the main view of whole research is too certain. It’s like it’s strongly affirmed and decided where the composer stands and as for making a research is just telling you about this instead of sharing and discussing own opinions with audiences and waiting for the comments then making improvements.
    I like your thoughts about what you do will be better then just looking for some statements with answers and your way to research something. Because you are clear that what you want and what you expect. That’s cool.

  2. Valentina Agnes

    I enjoyed reading your perspective because it really grabbed my attention. Everyday we fall in a pot full of new research and its very interesting from our perspective. You are also right, we tend to want to know what our answer to our thesis is because that is the objective of your writing. You are clear and broad and I enjoyed reading this piece.

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