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LN Draft-Anher Hafiz

A significant learning experience I had was in my senior year in high school and my favorite English teacher helped through the college process. I’ve never been close to a teacher just because I keep to myself and I don’t open up. But in my junior year, I had met Mr.Steinke. I loved the way he taught and he always had a sarcastic manner that I found hilarious. His lessons were always interesting and he would always teach us things I would want to learn. Another reason why he was my favorite teacher because he would also look at my writing, he was the only person I showed my short stories to and he would help revise and improve them. Then in my senior year, I asked him to write my recommendation letter and he gladly did. 

A week after I asked him to write my recommendation letter he told me he finished and submitted it and he also sent me a copy of the letter. When I read the letter I was felt so overwhelmed because I’ve never had a teacher talk about me, he wrote how I get too anxious but still try my hardest and always how focused I was in his class. I was so happy to know that he thought of me as a hardworking and reliable student. When I went to his class the next day to thank him and he said “all I wrote in the letter is true” and to come to him with anything I needed help with. And I did, he helped me with my college application and applying for finical aid. I’m forever grateful because I’ve never truly felt that any of my teachers cared except for him.


  1. Rashed Saikat

    Very interesting my senior year back in 2017 I had a English teacher name Mr Steinke he was the toughest teacher in the school. I remember one time he called my parents for being 2 minutes late but I agree I’ve learned a lot of things from his class, even he was a tough teacher. It’s a well written draft.

    • Anher Hafiz

      Oh wow, what a coincidence he was a pretty tough teacher but he was super helpful. Thank you for my reading draft.

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    What a lovely story. It’s so nice that there are these kinds of teachers out there when we hear so many stories about bad/mean ones.

    As it stands right now, this needs to be longer (remember: the length of the draft should be about 1000 words), so I’m wondering a couple of things — I guess you would call them suggestions.

    1. Can you maybe show us one or more scenes between you and your teacher? Maybe tell us how you were feeling when you turned in something, or when he was explaining things. Personally, I would love to hear a bit of his sarcastic humor (don’t worry if it’s not exactly what he said — these kinds of personal essays let you take some liberties and tell us what you remember, no matter how close to ‘the truth’ it is). Visualize one of those, like we did in class: sights, sounds, feelings, colors, etc.

    2. I’m not sure if you can do this, but is there a way to show us a teacher who had the opposite impact on you? A different, sadder scene? And then talk a bit about why teachers like Mr. Steinke are so important, both for what they did to help and for what they did to un-do bad experiences.

    So those are just a couple of suggestions. You might actually have an even better idea! But this gives you a great place to start.

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