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LN Draft- Zachary Forkash

My education narrative is coming from some of these experiences, but only briefly goes over these experiences that shaped me as a person.  My experiences might come off as not seeming too bad or boring to some, however I wanted to share some experiences I had to go through especially in high school. One experience that I still remember to this day that traumatized me as a first grader was when I presented my teacher with a drawing for an assignment. Personally I was never a skilled artist, and I envied those we’re skilled artists. I was in awe of those who had such talent and precision. When I presented my teacher with the drawing, she began to humiliate  me  for it. I was distraught as a small child so I went to my seat and began to cry. The teacher said “keep crying, see if I care”. I even forgot to mention this to my parents as I was so upset that day. From that point on I gave up on art and I would never draw as a hobby. Moving on to my high school experience, for the majority of my high school life, I was a very chubby child. I didn’t think much of this as it never really bothered me despite many times before this, people would make fun of me for it. In high school, I would non-stop get ridiculed for my weight and this killed my mood for a few years. There were so many days that this would happen that I would pray for the days that it didn’t happen. The upside to this came in the beginning of 2020 before the age of CODIV-19. I finally decided to looks at myself in the mirror and tell myself that it was time to put a stop to this constant bullying. I began exercising daily and eating right which was difficult at first. As of September 18th I am currently down 85 pounds and am on the border of what is considered to be “healthy”. In summary, my art experience connects to my education narrative because from that point I never really wanted to find a hobby as I don’t know if I’ll be good at it or enjoy it enough. My weight loss journey defines my determination to show all those bastards who shamed me for my weight what I can really do. I wanted to show to myself mostly that I can look good and be healthy. However this entire experience has left a deep wound on me. Despite being down 85 pounds, my insecurities are weighing my down. To this day I still feel overweight, and my mind won’t say otherwise. Eventually I will have to move on, but I don’t think that day will come for a while if ever.


  1. Valentina Agnes

    I read this piece with irritation towards those who bullied you and just those who really took their time to humiliate you. It is utterly disgusting, the bullying, the unnecessary comments, bringing you down makes me angry. No one should belittle others and if they do it shows what kind of person they are. Your determination is something they can never take away from you and it is amazing how much you’ve pushed yourself to reach your goal. Everyone, including you, should feel comfortable and perfect in their body size, body color, body built, etc. And I say this with familiarity because I to struggle with my weight. But, Zach your efforts and achievement just made me feel a bit more comfortable and I admire you for that. Thank you! I hope one day you can overcome this insecurity and realize how much of a good person you are despite your weight! Feel comfortable , regardless what others say. Their words mean nothing , move on, get that bag and do whatever you love to do. And if drawing is one of these things KEEP IT GOING! I don’t know much about you or your skills but I can tell its great!

  2. Esther Michnik

    I wanted to write my essay in this way just highlighting the important parts of each year in my school life and how they shaped me but as I was writing it I backed out twice. I think it’s very cool that you have the confidence to tell the deeper more personal stories and I think it will 100% sound amazing because the more personal stuff always has more meaning and is written with more emotion which in my opinion is the recipe for a great story.

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