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LN Draft – Rashed Saikat

Almost every student goes through some form of hardship and difficulties throughout their school life. But as an immigrant hardship and challenges can be a lot more different than those, who are  native or been living here for a very long amount of time. The most difficult time of my school life was middle school. When I was in middle school thats when I first came to this country. Everything around me was new to me. I didn’t know how to speak english properly maybe I knew one or two things  but wasn’t enough to get through school life. I can still remember the first day of school when I  walked into the classroom everyone was looking at me, maybe they made one or two comments but at that time I didn’t understand. I couldn’t express my feelings to anyone neither I had the courage to talk to anyone. Later on the day a student noticed I was new and he approached me saying “hey whats up, what’s your name” I replied my name is Rashed . And then we started talking and became friends the first day. The next day when I was in my english class a teacher came and took me to another class, when I went there I met couple of other people who was in the same page as I was. That gave me a little sigh of relief,  and the friend that I met the first day of school he was also there. In my “education narrative” I want to share my education experiences and the challenges that I have faced and how I overcame my obstacles. If anyone has any recommendation please feel free to share in that way it will be a lot more easier for me to write the “education narrative”.


  1. Valentina Agnes

    I can’t relate, but putting myself in your shoes I too would feel the same way. I was always that one person to go out of my way to make new international students feel comfortable! Furthermore, I am happy top be part of your journey and am all EARS! Can’t wait for the final piece to really get deeply with your experience and see how you dealt with it!

    • Rashed Saikat

      Thanks a lot I really appreciate it. I hope I’ll be able to write an interesting final piece.

  2. Emel Pejcinovic

    I could relate to you in a way, I moves from the city to the suburbs and it was a bug change. When I first got there I felt like eyes were glued on me. Im glad that you made friends and got through that. Truly enjoyed this and can’t wait to Read more.

    • Rashed Saikat

      Yeah it’s really hard to adjust urself quickly in this fast moving city. I’ve been through those days I’ll be more than happy to share my story to u guys. Thanks.

  3. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is a really good start, and I agree with Emel and Valentina — there’s a lot more you’re going to be able to tell us about your experience going from a new immigrant (and in middle school, too! That’s a terrible time!!!) to someone who is now going to college. Were the teachers treating you differently? The other students? How important was that friendship to getting you through school at that point? What effect did it have on you going forward into high school — did you worry about being an immigrant then, too? Or did things change by the time you got there? If so, how and why? When you look back, what’s your overall feeling about that time: sorrow, fear, etc.? Good stuff!

    • Rashed Saikat

      I’ll definitely try my best to answer all the questions in my essay. I’ll do my best to make it as easy and interesting as I can to the readers. Thanks professor.

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