The ingredients of the education narrative that I’ve seen are that the author of said education narrative tries to find themselves. It’s almost as if they are lost and looking for their soul when they write it. When they’re writing that story, they’re trying to convey certain thoughts and emotions that they had. When I begin my education narrative (after 1st draft) I will delve deep into my memories to acquire lost transmissions that I’ve had. The one thing that is concerning to me is how I am going to get my point across to the reader. I want to convey points about my life and I want them to make sense and be relatable at the same time. I already have a basis to my story as there were many experiences in high school that shaped me to who I am and how I write, but I fear that some people won’t understand the connections. If I need any help, I will ask for assistance from my classmates who I hope are willing to help me get through this barrier I’m up against.