The “ingredients” or the convention of the “education narrative”  that I’ve seen so far is that the author always go through hardship to find who they are, and what they want to prove. The way they create the story  help us understand what they’re trying to convey and we can also put ourselves into the story to understand the significance of the  story. The place to get started with my own “education narrative” will be the hardship and the challenges that I’ve faced, when I first came to this country as a young teenager, and how I was able to get over the obstacles that I’ve faced  when I was in middle school. The question about the “education narrative” will be what are the things that can help me write an awesome “education narrative”. The concerns that I have so far is am I going to succeed writing the “education narrative” the way I wanted to so the readers can relate and understand better. The educational experience that I had was when I was in middle school first time coming  to this country and learning english for the first time, the amount of obstacles that I have faced and how I got through it. I hope that will be a solid place to start my “education narrative” but I would definitely appreciate if my colleagues let me know if thats a solid place to start with or some advice on how to start.