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Genre – YongYu Chen

My understanding to Genre this word is that it’s a category of literature, or i should use another simple description with “A story of a kind.” Literature is a whole thing. It means all different articles, while genre is a word to mean its classification. And genre can include so many things, just like you need so many ingredients when you are cooking. Thus, genre is the ingredient of literature. Such as the genre of ghost story, of street art, or of movie review… etc. There are so many choices.

I’m composing my education narrative since I saw the assignment of class. I decide to make it as a drama or movie that is narrating myself, I mean my story, in education career, even it is mediocre. But yes, everyone is ordinary before achieving some efforts but all special and different from each other, isn’t it. Therefore, I would like to talk about my ordinary but special and different education story. I want to make some plots. First of all, I want to talk about how I was like before my immigration to United state of America. This is talking about how bad I was, specifically, it talks about I wasn’t a good student, I hated school and It is a first phase about how rebellious I was. Second of all, it’s  the second phase of my education narrative and It talks about how I changed, how my mind and my horizon changed after I immigrated to America. And the main content of this part talks about how I understand the reality life is. I was protected so well by family in my native country before, and now in USA, I have to face all problems head on because the more I grow, the more I have to shoulder. As for the third phase, which is the last phase of my education narrative. It talks about how hard I’m going to learn and get so far in college.

I feel kinda excited to write about it because It makes me feel like I am the director now and I’m gonna write the script and design the plot based on the real things. But it must be brainstorm. Never mind, good story always begins from brainstorm that collect ideas.

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  1. Valentina Agnes

    I love your discussion! The excitement you’re getting from this is satisfying and I live for your determination! I can’t wait to read your directed piece!

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