The word “genre” can mean many things in terms of context. When it comes to writings or music, they can have differences despite meaning the same thing. Every story follows a specific genre, whether it to be original or a pre-existing type of storytelling. The story may lay out different events and details for the reader to follow that can define the genre for them. People understand and digest a piece of literature differently than others. What this tells us is that they make their own opinions on the piece and give their own definition. Based on this, I will be detailing my Education Narrative that I finally learned near the end of high school. For a while, I was never really interested in writing period. I always brushed it aside as some sort of chore. I was very unaware however that my mindset for writing would change drastically.  In my first year of high school, I was introduced to a lot of discussion narratives. These narratives had two sides to them and I never really felt like I was correct in choosing either. What I mean is that, I always felt like if I chose one side of an argument, the other side would present itself to me and I would feel wrong. This made me dislike writing even more as I felt as though writing about an opinion that  I had would always have counter arguments. This however changed when I entered my final years of high school.

Entering Midwood High School was fantastic as it opened the doors to a higher level of education. Writing was never my strong suit as I never enjoyed it in the first place. Two years go by and I somewhat gained more skills in writing, however the enjoyment factor still was not there for me. That was all about to change however as I moved onto my Law class elective in Junior year. My Law class was easily the most I have ever enjoyed school as a whole. My teacher was so easy to get along with and the class itself was outstanding. The material was enjoyable and  I never felt bored in his class. I developed a great relationship with my teacher as did a lot of other students. I would even spend my lunch period with him and discuss a lot of different topics with him. One day I finally brought up the issue with writing i had and how boring it was to me. My teacher recommended to me that  I write about science fiction as there are infinite possibilities and adventures. This was the turning point in my life as I finally knew what  I wanted to write about. I researched some fun science fiction novels and TV shows to get some insight on how to properly write a science fiction story. What drove me learn more about science fiction is how vast the topic can be. You can essentially create your own universe from scratch.  This opened my mind to create my story. I didn’t have to chose a side to be on as this was my piece and  I was its creator.

I was beginning looking into some of the scientific greats of the modern era. I found movies such as Star Wars that perfectly depicted a world created from scratch, a world where the characters can be anything the creator wants them to be. Not only can the characters be whatever you can imagine, so can the atmosphere and laws. An example would be the many planets that we as viewers witnessed in the movies. Who can forget about the infamous light sabers that were essentially blades made of light energy. Star wars was one of the many series that influenced me as a writer. However nothing showed me the true beauty of writing quite like my senior year literature class did. I came into this class thinking it was going to be another boring class where we wrote about topics in boring novels. However there was something that I discovered that blew my mind away. My senior literature teacher gave us a book to read called “Night” by Elie Wiesel. This book in particular hit me in a very emotional way. Due to having a Jewish culture and background, this novel was difficult to read from an emotional standpoint. Then something happened that shocked me. I’m reading the novel and suddenly I turn to the last page and realized that I have finished it. I thought to myself about how enjoyable this novel was and how I was hard focused in finishing it. I was stunned that  I actually enjoyed a piece of writing that was not science fiction based. My eyes became open even more. I thought to myself,” Did I just enjoy that piece the entire way through?” From that moment on I found more enjoyment in writing and reading to an extent that  I never believed I would,

I began to open up my eyes and mind to more and more pieces of writing, and I began to look deeper into the lessons and characters of the story. I began to enjoy the universe that these characters lived in despite that universe sharing mine.  Due to this explosion of knowledge that I gathered, I began to read more myself. I still mostly read about science fiction as that is my favorite topic to this day, however I began to read far more and expand my mind a little bit.  Before this moment that  I experienced, I never took time to imagine the world that these characters were in. Now, I not only understand the characters and the universe, i can also relate to them and their actions. I can come to the conclusion if these choices were choices that I would have made if I was in their position. In conclusion to this, education in my later years of high school has opened my eyes to the vast and open world of writing. Science fiction was the drive that I needed to find my passion in writing and to develop my mind. I truly owe my gratitude for both of there teachers in opening my eyes in not only becoming a better writer, but to become more driven to understand writing in an entire new light.