1. In this article, Ellen Carillo introduces the meaning of reading from a students point of view. Whether the students actually genuinely care about what they read in english or whether they understand it. I believe that Carillo is right coming fro a students who has been in those shoes before. I had read not just for the meaning but for the context as part of the curriculum. Some interesting context happen to impact me deeply and gave me a further understanding and a view on my belief in a different way. It happens the most when reading an argumentative article because their point as a writer for the readers is for them to pick a side and see whether you agree with this side or that side and why. However, not everyone is alike and there will always be a difference in the eyes of the students towards any context given to them. some context has a multiple purpose while others just has one objective, that being that they just want the question answered based on what is given in the writing supplement.
  2. When Carillo talks about “Google-knowledge v.s understanding”, she introduces a study that shows reading online is better than the other and in her opinion she thinks it is not true. I believe that to understand you must find a technique that is best for you, “Understanding is different from other forms of knowledge…”(Lynch, Understanding and creativity). and speaking in a sense where 2020 is filled with advance technology and remote classes, I believe that google is a friend and that technology too is a good technique for students.
  3. Through the reading from pg. 146 and pg.153 I have found great fundamentals of tools to promote these children in reading deeper in the text. The eight habits and encouragement words as well as developing assignments and activities is another way to helping students be better readers.