I hope this semester is going to be one of my best semester that i’ve ever had. As a student my job is to make sure I improve from what i’m currently. Because we as a human being tends to make a lot of mistakes but it is more important that you do better and fix your mistakes. I want to make sure that I satisfy all the needs and work hard to finish the course with an exceptional grade. I’m not a great writer but I have done a lot of writing throughout my student life. My main goal is to become a good writer and reader by the end of the semester. I hope and believe that anything is possible to achieve. Throughout this semester there’s going to be a little bit of ups and downs but i’m willing to adjust myself and improvise. Writing is one of the most important component of our lives because we use writing as a form of communication. Writing helps a student with creativity or how to send a massage to someone through writing. Even after graduating when you get a job writing will help you a lot. Because sometimes as an  employee you have to organize a proposal which has to be done through writing. I put this particular image because my goal is to become a police officer. And I believe this english class will take me one step closer to my goal.