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Dear, future Manesa congrats on all your improvements. I knew you can do it but there’s more !!!!!. your goals truly matter. Just remember to keep pushing. what you want to do matters importantly. don’t ever doubt yourself. Don’t let no one tell you anything on what you can’t do. The only person that knows you best is yourself. & that goes for everyone. you’re such an amazing dancer and dance teacher In fact your dance students loves you and respects you is such a great sign. A sign that you are doing the right thing started being a dance teacher at 16 ? Well i applaud you it may not be so exciting to others but as long as your happy. Goals  in the future is to be a medical technologist and owning a dance studio / clothing business seems A LOT wheeew!! But even if you don’t get all 3 be grateful to have one. On the other hand hopes for this year is to work so hard for the future you want and be satisfied and grateful that You’ve achieved something that your family couldn’t. A pitfall that i have is me feeling like giving up and things getting tough On me all in one time. Thinking about writing seems so relaxing but also a lot of brainstorming. But i would love to improve my writing. I do need lots of help i am far from being a perfect writer but one thing i can say is I’m very good at knowing what to say & giving reasonable points and perspective and lots more!!. I can’t absolutely wait till i learn more about writing and skills to take to be a great writer just like my English professor. I hope you are okay Manesa you can do this  !!!.